Aging is the Process of Maturity in Human Life
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This film is a work of fiction to show the ideal of UTokyo Nursing: "Encourage the power of life, and protect until the final days." This work of fiction uses the paradoxical theme of helping a zombie. We created this for the purpose of showing that a holistic approach is necessary in nursing that faces both life and death on a daily basis so that people can live better lives.


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We had a combined seminar on zoom with Kanazawa university. The students got the valuable feedback which was different perspectives from other universities' faculty across disciplines and it was a good opportunity of learning. (2021/09/23)
This year’s summer camp was held on zoom. Prof. Sugama and Dr. Morita give us luctures. Everyone participated in the discussion though in an online environment. (2021/08/06-2021/08/07)
We held our alumni meeting, "Yaezakura-no-kai". (2021/04/18)
We held a welcome party for new faculty staffs and students. We had a good time and got to know with each other. (2021/04/05)
Graduation ceremony was held at Yasuda audiotium. One student finished doctoral course, and four students finished Master courses. We hope their bright future. (2021/03/19)
Dr. Gojiro Nakagami received the Gold award of JWC WUHUS Awards in Advances in Infection and Biofilm. (2021/02/21)
Mr. Shuhei Noyori attended the 2021 IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration (SII 2021) and gave a presentation at the oral presentation session. (2021/01/11-2021/01/14)
A Happy New Year!! We wish you a year filled with peace, good health, and happiness. (2021/01/01)
AY2020 has started with welcoming new graduate students (1 doctoral course student and 3 master course students) (2020/04/01)
Graduation ceremony was held at Yasuda audiotium. Four students finished Master courses. We hope their bright future. (2020/03/23)
We held The 16th Joint Seminar in Iwate, Japan. (2020/02/15-2020/02/16)