Aging is the Process of Maturity in Human Life
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This film is a work of fiction to show the ideal of UTokyo Nursing: "Encourage the power of life, and protect until the final days." This work of fiction uses the paradoxical theme of helping a zombie. We created this for the purpose of showing that a holistic approach is necessary in nursing that faces both life and death on a daily basis so that people can live better lives.


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We gave 3 presentations in Australian Vascular Access conference 2019, which was held in Sydney, Australia. (2019/05/13)
We had The 14th Prof. Sanada Tennis event. (2019/05/06)
We held our alumni meeting, "Yaezakura-no-kai". (2019/04/28)
Happy administrative professionals day! Thank you for the tremendous job you do for us. We couldn't study without you. (2019/04/23)
We held a welcome party for new faculty staffs and students. We had a good time and got to know with each other. (2019/04/01)
Graduation ceremony was held at Yasuda audiotium. Three students finished Bachelor courses. We hope their bright future. Takurou Nagata (Undergraduate 4th Year) received The School of Integrated Health Sciences Dissertation Award for his research on “Development of software for the management of skin tears using machine learning”. (2019/03/26)
Graduation ceremony was held at Yasuda audiotium. Four students finished Master courses. We hope their bright future. (2019/03/25)
We held The 15th Joint Seminar in Iwate, Japan. (2019/02/16-2019/02/17)
A Happy New Year!! We wish you a year filled with peace, good health, and happiness. (2019/01/01)
We had a combined seminar at Tokyo university with Kanazawa university and Kanazawa medical university. The students got the valuable feedback which was different perspectives from other universities' faculty across disciplines and it was a good opportunity of learning. (2018/09/30)
We gave 4 presentations in The 20th Annual Meeting of the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel(EPUAP2018)which was held in Rome, Italia. (2018/09/12-2018/09/14)