Aging is the Process of Maturity in Human Life
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This film is a work of fiction to show the ideal of UTokyo Nursing: "Encourage the power of life, and protect until the final days." This work of fiction uses the paradoxical theme of helping a zombie. We created this for the purpose of showing that a holistic approach is necessary in nursing that faces both life and death on a daily basis so that people can live better lives.


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The 13th Prof.Sanada tennis championship tournament was held. (2018/04/29)
Happy administrative professionals day! Thank you for the tremendous job you do for us. We couldn't study without you. (2018/04/25)
We held our alumni meeting, "Yaezakura-no-kai". (2018/04/08)
We enjoyed a special lecture, "model of therapeutics options for leg ulcers and the role of tissue viability nurses in UK", by Mr. David Nelson, ConvaTec UK Tissue viability nurse. (2018/04/06)
We held a welcome party for new faculty staffs and students. We had a good time and got to know with each other. (2018/04/02)
Entrance ceremonies are held at the beginning of April and this is when we start our academic year. Enjoy your new life! (2018/04/02)
Koki Ono (Undergraduate 4th Year) received The School of Integrated Health Sciences Dissertation Award for his research on “Development of an automatic pressure ulcer severity estimation algorithm”. This award is given to the graduating student from The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Medicine, School of Integrated Health Sciences who received the highest recognition for his/her dissertation. (2018/03/23)
Graduation ceremony was held at Yasuda audiotium. One students completed PhD course, four students finished master courses, and one bachelar student graduated. We hope their bright future. (2018/03/22)
We held The 14th Joint Seminar in Iwate, Japan. (2018/03/02-2018/03/03)
We held a welcome party for Prof. Keryln Carville from Curtin University. (2018/02/07)
We attended The 21st East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars & 11th International Nursing Conferences at Soule, Korea. Furthermore, Prof. Mori and Ms.Miyahara presented by oral. (2018/01/12)