Aging is the Process of Maturity in Human Life
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This film is a work of fiction to show the ideal of UTokyo Nursing: "Encourage the power of life, and protect until the final days." This work of fiction uses the paradoxical theme of helping a zombie. We created this for the purpose of showing that a holistic approach is necessary in nursing that faces both life and death on a daily basis so that people can live better lives.


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A Happy New Year!! We wish you a year filled with peace, good health, and happiness. (2024/01/01)
We had a great opportunity to get a lecture about advanced wound care in the United States from Barbara Bates Jensen who is a well-known expert and researcher in the wound management area. (2023/12/15)
We have attended the 43rd Annual Conference of Japan Academy of Nursing Science in Shimonoseki and given six presentations. (2023/12/09-2023/12/10)
We have attended the 53rd Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Wound Healing in Karuizawa and given five presentations. (2023/11/21-2023/11/22)
We held our alumni meeting, "Yaezakura-no-kai"at Ishikawa Prefectural Nursing University. We were happy to meet up again and share the recent study conducted at our lab. (2023/09/18)
Assistant professor Mari Abe's presentation has been awarded in The International Lymphoedema Framework Japan 12th Annual Meeting. (2023/09/17)
We have attended The International Lymphoedema Framework Japan 12th Annual Meeting in Ishikawa and given two presentations. (2023/09/17)
We had Newgeneration's Nursing Research Seminer. The students got the valuable feedback which was different perspectives from other universities' faculty across disciplines and it was a good opportunity of learning. (2023/09/03)
Hongo Summer Dojo at UTokyo 2023 hosted by GNRC was held at Tetsumon Memorial Hall, the University of Tokyo. Professor Gojiro Nakagami presented from our laboratory. We invited researchers from overseas to give lectures. It was productive metting as well as meaningful discussion by making our university's research known to researchers from overseas. (2023/08/05)
We have attended The 45th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society in Sydney, Australia, and gave six presentations. (2023/07/24-2023/07/27)
We have attended The 11th Annual Meeting of Nursing Science and Engineering in Kobe, Japan, and gave ten poster presentations.  (2023/06/10-2023/06/11)